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Everybody Say…


That’s Malabrigo Rasta.

And that is a wonderful pile of Peaches & Cream cotton, straight from the factory in North Carolina, courtesy of a very sweet friend who went there and got it for me.  I can’t wait to play with it.


Feeding Frenzy

Sale Yarn

Some of you must not have made it to the big sale at the Bigger! Better! New and Improved! Double Ewe last week, because when I got there, this yarn was still left.  Amazing it was, too, because the waters had been chummed and quite a feeding frenzy was in process.  So of course I dove in and bobbed for a few skeins, too.  Bwaaa haa ha!

(Yes, I may have developed a small Ty Dy addiction.  So what?  I need more market bags, so I can carry more yarn.)


I wasn’t quite sure, when I unwrapped this cone of yarn from Colourmart, if it was what I wanted.  I’ve been on a crazed search for the perfect shade of camel, and let me tell you, it’s a hard color to find.  This looked a bit cool, not enough gold and red in it, I thought.  (It looks downright brown in these photographs, and I can’t do a thing about it.)

Colourmart 2

Then I started skeining it, preparing it for its bath, thinking that if the yarn looked horrible on me I could either overdye it, or gift it to someone with a complexion more suitable to the color.  Twelve hundred yards is a lot of skeining.  Plenty of time to look at the yarn in morning light, afternoon light, evening light….and I discovered something interesting.

Colourmart 1

This is a very complex color.  It changes.  I don’t mean it changes in different light — any color does that.  I mean it changes while you’re looking at it, even as the light remains constant.  It shifts from cool to warm.  The reds and golds in it are hidden, and as the yarn moves they sort of shimmer to the surface and peek out and giggle and go back into hiding again.  I was uncertain about it at first, and now I’m madly in love with it.  The M.E. even thinks it will look good on me, and he’s very quick to bust any colors which he refers to as “dead.”

So, I can’t wait to see how it looks after I wash it and it’s all fluffed up.  (Right this moment, the cone is being kissed by faint light from the overcast sky coming in the window, and it is the perfect shade of camel gold.  Be still my heart.)  In case you’re wondering, the yarn is fingering weight, 80% cashmere/20% merino, for Seraphim.  Also here.  I wanted a perfect neutral shade, so the shawl will be one I can throw on over anything.  I adore shawls; I’d rather wear one than a coat anytime I can, and I keep a pile of them in the hall closet so I can grab one as I scurry out the door.  This will be the perfect grabbing-and-scurrying shawl, don’t you think?

Small and Necessary Deviance

This week has been nothing but mistakes, crankiness, fixing things and brain-sucking calls to Comcast.  If I picked it up, I dropped it.  If I wrote it down, I very soon erased it.  If something seemed straightforward, it wasn’t.  And if I knit something, yeah, I probably ripped it.


I’m hoping to make a turn back towards better things and a better mood by getting into a little bit of feel-good trouble.  So, at long last, and in complete defiance of all the unfinished projects rattling around in my knitting box (and, I admit, strewn over chairs, sofas and tables), I cast on for Honeybee.  Also here.  (No, it doesn’t have a weird pink edge.  That’s a provisional cast on with a crochet chain.)

Honeybee Cast On

And then.  With even less justification.  But with deep desire and poutiness.  I bought this kit.

I’ve bought gorgeous yarns before.  Many of them, those of you who are observant might observe.  But I have to say that this one blows most of them away.

New England Red Yarn

It glows in the photo, yet you really have to see it in person to get the depth of the color.  I saw it and worried that, as a hand-dyed work, this color might not be there if I waited two years to get around to buying it, so I threw all reasonableness to the wind and clicked.  I’m so glad I did.  And I won’t hesitate to buy from The Woolen Rabbit again.  Her work and eye for color are really top-notch.

Big skein, too.  Just as big as the one for Honeybee…

New England Red Yarn 2

I suppose I have to be good and finish that one first, don’t I?  Since I only just started it.

In Which I Reveal the Fate…

…of any mad money which happens to appear in the Mystery House coffers.  You know, as if you couldn’t figure that out. This was my Christmas money:

Camel Cashwool

Baruffa Cashwool in Camel, for this (also here).  I got that pile of gorgeousness from Yarn Love in Texas, without driving to Texas!  Katie went to heroic efforts to help me make certain I was getting the right color.  I’m very particular about color.

Mahogany Jaggerspun

Jaggerspun Superfine Merino in Mahogany, for this (also here).  This came from Sarah’s Yarns.  Also a very helpful, friendly soul to deal with.  And she was having a Valentine’s Day sale.  I think there may still be a few things on sale, if you click fast enough and are reading this at the right moment.  If you’re reading at the wrong moment, don’t blame me.

Either of these could keep me knitting for the next ‘leventy-squillion years.  I intend to make both of them.  Plus all the other stuff I’m going to knit.  Am I nuts?

Was There Yarn?

Yes, there was yarn!

Sandwiched between the deep blue laceweight and the lilac bulky merino from Handpainted Yarn (both courtesy of the M.E.) is some beautiful Vesper sock yarn given to me by Amy.  Mmm…Neapolitan ice cream feet coming up!  I’ve got lace projects in mind for both of the others.  Shoot, I’ve got lace projects in mind for these, too:

I loved working with Schaefer Laurel so much that I may have hinted a wee bit that I might possibly sorta want more for Christmas.  Oh happy day, I’ve now got enough for a shawl, in the Billie Holiday color.  And on the right is STR Laci in Oregon Red Clover Honey, because I’ve been dying–dying, I say–to make this.

Knitting is very much on my mind as 2008–2008, isn’t that crazy?  Remember when that sounded all far away and sci-fi and everything?–begins.  I have such an embarrassment of riches to work with (on top of the embarrassment I already had), and I’m excited about every one of these projects.  Huge thanks to Amy and to my incredibly wonderful husband!  You guys know how to keep me off the streets.

Care Package

It’s been a grueling week and I’ve been cranky and verging on one meltdown or another–until the mail truck rumbled down my street the other day and left a package.  A package with this in it:

Hobbledehoy’s Raspberry Cocoa, a custom color just for me, a care package I ordered because I knew I’d need one right about now.  What could make a girl feel more special than that?

Do you see that color?  It could melt the snow.  I had to wind it right away, of course, even though I was too tired to knit last night.  Yes, really.  Too tired to knit.

See, in the first photo the yarn is resting on a mirror frame I painted.  In the second, a cabinet.  Those are merely two of the lengthy list of things which got painted this week.  Some of said things are not quite done yet…back I go before the Christmas police get me….

Happy Mailbox Tales

That’s the yarn I’ll be packing up soon to send to knittingnovice.  Two skeins of Karaoke wool/soy silk, and two skeins of hand dyed Mystical Creations rayon.  I hope she’ll like her loot.

My mailbox is happy because of the marvelous packages that have recently arrived; one I expected and one which was a complete surprise.  I’ll have to come up with extra special projects for both of these gifts.

I knew that some lovely yarn would arrive courtesy of Quiddity, because I won a contest on her blog.

And lucky me, it’s just beautiful.  Lorna’s Laces Shepherd Sock in Jeans, which perfectly suits me since I’m nearly always in jeans when I leave the house.  She threw in some cute notecards, too.  Thanks very much, Quiddity!  I love it.

Here’s what I wasn’t expecting, another gorgeous skein of blue which went a long way towards banishing the blues.

From my dear friend Amy, gorgeous Malabrigo laceweight in Alpine Pearl, with a Day of the Dead card that’s a work of art.  I intend to frame it.

Inside the card was this:

Could that be any cuter?

Amy’s intention was to give me a thank you gift for something I did to help her out, but when she heard I was having a rough time last week she was sweet enough to send it early.  It arrived exactly at the right moment and was a beautiful reminder of how important it is to have a good friend in your corner.  Yarn can be a nice reminder of friendship, can’t it?  Thanks so much, Amy!

Bright Spots

It’s a gray day, not the best for photography, but these bright spots arrived in my mailbox yesterday and I have to show them off.

New yarns from Bellamoden!  On the left is an extra-dark version of The Color Purple, which Frarochvia double-dipped especially for me.  On the right is Fanny Hill.  Pretty, pretty!  And as if this yarn wasn’t already like crack, she sends chocolate along with it.

So what will it be?  Socks?  A shoulder shawl?  At the moment these skeins are my office companions, things to pet and smoosh while I work.  Beautiful yarn is just the sort of bright spot that can help get me over the hump.  Thanks, Frarochvia!

Things in the Mail

I love days when the mailbox has good things in it.  Things which are not bills.  Things which are in no way drama.  Things like…

Yarn Addicts Pink Dream, the gorgeous yarn I won in the August Sockamania drawing.  It’s such a perfect color, I’m torn between socks and lace.  It would make the prettiest socks, wouldn’t it?  But the color’s so good on me, I’d love to have it wrapped around my shoulders.  Hmm.  I’ll leave it out where I can look at it, until I decide.  Thank you, Anni, for such a fabulous gift!  I’m thrilled.

In my email box this morning was another nice thing.  My Ravelry invitation!  There’s one problem, though.  Someone seems to have run off with the name Miss T already.  This will not do.  I’m Miss T.  I can’t sign up until I come up with another name!