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Two New Designs



All photos courtesy of Knitcircus

They’re both in the Summer issue of Knitcircus!  Which just went live on Saturday!  And Café is even a free download!  You’ll check it out, won’t you?  I do hope that you will.


The Winner Is…


A big thank you to everyone who entered, and to all of you who stopped by to visit.  I wish you could all win, but, well, there was only one book.  And Lisa’s getting it.  I’m sure that she’s nice enough and gracious enough not to be saying nanny nanny boo boo right now, but you’ll have to take a peek at her blog to verify that.

Don’t forget to check out the next stop on the Knitcircus blog tour tomorrow:  Caffeine Girl.  There are lots more interesting and surprising things to come, because it’s Knitcircus.  Interesting and surprising is what they do.


Oh wow — my blog’s still here!

There’s been a lot to do other than blogging.  Like decorating the house.  I’m not the best at it, but I try to do a little bit more every year.  Want a tour?  Well, maybe you don’t, but Amy does.  And I want a tour of her decorations, too.  So today is our day to be all Christmasy and sparkly.  You can follow along if you like.

Starting up in the guest room, there’s my very sparkly tree.  I love these aluminum trees.  I’d have 50 of them if I had places to put them.  The guests are already gone, so I get to sit and knit by the silver tree, all by myself.

A tiny pink tree.

Heading downstairs, there’s the Very Glamourous Tinsel.  Tinsel should be over-the-top, I think, or why bother with it.

In the living room, the big tree.  Which is not silver and is made out of, well, tree.

We aren’t into designer trees, and prefer a mix of all kinds of ornaments.  I’m still hanging this one, which I made several million years ago in Campfire Girls.  I can’t believe I used to have to run around in that little blue felt vest with all the beads on it.  What happened to that thing, I wonder?  It had one giant, round, red bead right smack in the middle of the back that made leaning back in a chair impossible.

There’s this guy.  I love him, but I also wouldn’t want to piss him off.

My parents had scads of vintage German glass ornaments.  I’m still sad that many of them were lost by an evil moving company.  When evil moving companies lose your boxes, where do they go?  Anyway, I do have a few ornaments left.

The birds are especially nice.

And the mushrooms.

In the non-vintage category, we have several lovely bears.  A tree should have bears.

A few silly things are required.  (I know Amy’s going to beat me on the silly ornaments, because I know what she’s got, but this isn’t the Iron Chefettes.  It’s just a tour.  So chill.)

Christmas garlic, of course.  Also protects the tree from vampires.

Lots of boats.  Here’s a flotilla of them about to be greeted by a large robot from outer space.

Okay, enough ornaments.  If you want to see them all, you have to come over and bring cookies.  Because I haven’t gotten any cookies made yet.

On the buffet in the dining room is the creche.  It was made by an artist in Santa Fe.  There’s more Very Glamourous Tinsel in the dining room, too, but again — come over and bring cookies.

Little silver trees (all but one of which I made) on the mantel downstairs with, of course, VGT.

Ah, the village.  I adore the village.  I never thought I wanted one, but now that I have it I can’t imagine not having it.  (And I’m plotting a second village in the guest room.)  My dear friend Pat, who is blogless, gave me a wonderful set of people to remedy the fact that, except for the Fa Ra Ra guys, my cheerful little town was suffering from a lack of residents (particularly dogs).  My favorite:

I acquired a new building this year, too.

No, it doesn’t make any sense that some guy is leaving the yarn shop carrying a big statue.  I just bought him, and he doesn’t like walking on snow.  He falls down, and had to be propped up against the shop.  Ultimately, however, his home will be in the new village upstairs, which will have nice hard city streets to walk on if you’re carrying a sculpture.

Ornaments are so cheerful, aren’t they?  Even when they’re a wacky mix of this and that.  Especially when they’re a wacky mix of this and that.  So let’s see yours!  What’s up in your house for the season?

Finished Edges

Rabbit Tracks Finished Edge

Glossy black Lake Michigan beach stones by StoneMe.


If you’ve made a comment here in the last week or so and it hasn’t shown up, it may be because the spam filter picked it off.  I just discovered that it had grabbed several non-spam comments from perfectly good folks–and I can’t get them back.  If that happens to you, please let me know!

I’m Here!

Hey everybody!

I’m glad you found me.  Stick around, and please update your feed reader — interesting things are going to happen here.

Southern Reading Challenge: Third Review

To Kill a Mockingbird, by Harper Lee

190px-Mockingbirdfirst Image from Wikipedia

No, I’m not really going to review To Kill a Mockingbird.  It needs no more reviews.  I’ll just say that after four? five? six? readings, it remains one of my very favorite books.  Every time I’ve revisited it, different things have jumped out at me, perhaps because of who I was at each particular moment.

My favorite image this time around?  I have only two words to say:  ham costume.

If you haven’t read it, then you shouldn’t be fooling around on the internet.  You should be making a mad dash to the bookstore or library.  Off you go, now.

My Southerness rating:  10 out of 10.  All the Southern.

A Finished Piece

I did finish something last week.  It wasn’t knitting, though.  My MIL’s birthday is this week, and as a resident of the steamy state of Florida, she doesn’t have much use for knitted things.  But she does love her horse.

I wasn’t thinking about documenting this when I started it, so I don’t have a photo of the beginning, the very rough pencil work.  And, I admit, I was a bit terrified of it at that point and making only the most tentative marks.  See, it’s been years since I’ve done one of these.  I wasn’t actually sure I still could, but the theory was that if I made a huge mess out of it we could always run to Barnes & Noble at the last minute and get her a gift card.

This is the intended victim portrait subject:


Here’s the middle point:

Horse Drawing 1

I don’t remember ever working so slowly on a drawing before.  Took me most of the week, but I really did not want to screw it up.  I had some bright white illustration board to work on, and boy is that stuff nice.  Yes, I know it looks grayish in the picture, but it’s not.

Okay, here’s the finished piece:

Horse Drawing 2

A little fixative, and the M.E. wrapped it in multiple layers of tissue and plastic and bubble wrap.  Off it’s going to UPS later today.

Horse Drawing 3

I hope she likes it.

He Knew.

Merry Christmas to You!