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Stuffed Pork

The M.E. got a new grill a few weeks ago, and he’s been putting it
through its paces.  This week we wanted to try something different,
something that wasn’t ribs or chicken or steak.  (Not that we see a
problem with any of those things.)  After digging through several
barbecue cookbooks, he found the perfect thing.

Pork tenderloin stuffed with basil and pecorino.  I was worried it might be too fussy a recipe for a weeknight, but the M.E. pooh-poohed my concerns.  “This is easy,” he said.  He was right.

He had the tenderloin flayed and stuffed and tied before I was done prepping vegetables.  I told you that boy’s fast.  He can also grill like a fiend.  If my photos don’t look like there was a food stylist anywhere near them, well, I’m no food stylist and we just wanted to slap it on the plates and eat because it looked too damn good to fuss with.  And it was.  Scrumptious and perfectly done.

This is a great flavor combination.  There was a bit of confusion over which kind of pecorino to purchase due to the M.E.’s run-in with a character we call the Cheese Bitch, who presides over the cheese counter at a grocery store which shall remain nameless because we like the store, we just don’t like the Cheese Bitch.  Most cheese purveyors love to educate and explain the subtleties of different varieties, and are happy to offer samples.  The Cheese Bitch merely snorts and acts superior if she detects that you haven’t spent every waking moment of your life studying the fine points of cheese identification.  So I have no idea what kind of pecorino we ended up with, except that it was spendy.  Spendier than the tenderloin, which is a surprisingly reasonable cut of meat.

Now, you could figure this dish out without a recipe.  Pork, fresh basil, pecorino, string, grill.  Probably any kind of pecorino will work, if the Cheese Bitch isn’t looking over your shoulder.  But if you want the exact details, run over and snatch up a remaindered copy of The Barbecue Bible, by Linda Tubby, while Half Price Books still has them (cheap, too, about $9 for a big hardcover).  It’s worth having if you love your grill.  Lots of interesting recipes that go beyond the norm.  I’ve got my eye on the recipe for Paprika-Crusted Monkfish, if I can find some monkfish in this burg.  First, though I’ve got to come up with an idea to use up the rest of that pecorino.

If you’d like to hop on this bandwagon and post pictures of your new recipe adventures on Fridays, there’s a freshly baked button on my sidebar.  Just leave me a comment and help yourself.


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  1. * Chris says:


    Posted 10 years, 7 months ago
  2. * Connie says:

    That sounds delicious!

    Posted 10 years, 7 months ago
  3. * Kitt says:

    Olga, I suggest you stay away from the Cheese Bitch. 😉
    Looks yummy!

    Posted 10 years, 7 months ago
  4. * Jeanne says:

    Between you and Ms KnitThink this morning, I’m in bad shape. When’s lunch?

    Posted 10 years, 7 months ago

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