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Eye Candy Friday #14

These tiny cuties won’t last long.  The neighborhood bunnies will come along and nibble off their heads–they’ve already munched our yellow crocuses.  The bunnies are so diligent about this that they clearly think it’s some sort of public service.  I don’t.  I wouldn’t mind keeping the flowers for a few more days, thank you.

Did you see the Nova production, First Flower this week?  It’s a fascinating, well-shot documentary about paleobotanists searching for the origin of flowers.  Lilies, and many other flowers that we now consider quite common in our gardens, originated in China.   They didn’t appear in North America until explorers like  Ernest H. Wilson traveled through China in the early 1900’s and brought back seeds from more than 1500 plants.  Who knew?  Most PBS programs are repeated multiple times, so check it out.  Definitely worth a look.  Lots of gorgeous blooms to oooh over, and charmingly obsessed scientists.  I could watch this again.


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  1. * Chris says:

    I had NO idea about flowers. *boggle*

    Posted 11 years, 6 months ago
  2. * knittymama says:

    Missed that one, I’ll have to try to catch it. I usually miss Nova lately as it’s the same as bedtime.

    Posted 11 years, 6 months ago

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