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Backwards and Forwards

This weekend there was progress on my sock…

Even this went backwards at one point.  I had the toe nearly done, but thought it needed a wee bit more length so I ripped it back and redid it.  Now it fits the way I want it to.  Are you sick of seeing this sock yet?  There’s still another one to go.

Progress of a pathetic sort on my UFO Resurrection table runner…

Yes, reworking the number of stitches I wanted to start with and casting on is all I got done.  Party is beautiful ribbon, but it’s a bit pesty to work with because it snags incredibly easily if your hands are the slightest bit rough.  Hello, it’s winter–I need to be soaking my fingers continuously in lotion.

And total regression on poor Dr. Evil’s sweater.

See how he’s had to wrap himself in his toy snake because he doesn’t have a sweater?  It’s been ripped.  It was going to be too small.  Not a gauge problem, but a problem with the pattern not having any schematic or measurements whatsoever.  You have to read the whole thing and count stitches and do math to figure out the finished measurements.  Disliking the least whiff of math, I thought that if I made the Rat Terrier size for our Rat Terrier, all would be well.  I should know better.  Anytime I voice the words, “This should work okay, I think,” there’s trouble ahead.  I’m going to start it over, this time in the Whippet/Inca Hairless size.  I hope Dr. Evil won’t be insulted by that.

There was, however, a moment of great glee and definite forward progress on my Continuous Stash Augmentation Project when the mail arrived…

My Sweet Georgia!  The digital photo doesn’t do the colors justice.  These skeins weren’t exactly like anything I’d seen on the website and instead of having regular names, they were all labeled “Omakase” with a number.  I had to ask why, because I’m a curious and nosy sort.  Turns out that “omakase” means “chef’s surprise” in Japanese.  These were surprise skeins dyed in one-of-a-kind colors just for this final shipment.  What fun!


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  1. * Connie says:

    OOOH – I LOVE those colors! Yummy socks for you?

    Posted 11 years, 3 months ago
  2. * Connie says:

    OOOH – I LOVE those colors! Yummy socks for you?

    Posted 11 years, 3 months ago

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