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Sweet Georgia Madness

Did you catch the sale at The Loopy Ewe on Monday night?

This was not a sale as in “discounted prices.”  This was a sale as in “some special stuff just arrived and it’s going to be gone in no time so grab it while you can.”

Now, I’m not the sort who lines up outside at three in the morning when some big box retailer puts flat screen TVs on sale.  I wouldn’t fight anybody for half-price underwear at a Loehmann’s sale.  But the last of the Sweet Georgia?  Count me in and get out of the way!

It’s no secret that the color guru behind Sweet Georgia is taking a long hiatus from dying yarn.  I’ve been eyeing her yarn for awhile and when I realized it was about to become impossible to get, I decided I’d best stop dawdling and buy some. 

That’s where The Loopy Ewe comes in–a few weeks ago, I heard that Sheri had one last shipment of Sweet Georgia on the way.  A small, mysterious shipment, just whatever Sweet Georgia decided to send.  With a nearly Hitchcockian level of suspense, Sheri made announcement after announcement on her blogThe Sweet Georgia’s on the way…It’s coming…It’s here and I’m going to list it soon…  Finally, she announced the time it would go on sale:  between eight and nine Monday night, CST.

It was a mob scene.  Knitters glued to their computers, clicking madly.  So many that the site slowed to a crawl, and every click seemed to take forever to reach its destination.  Would I make it all the way to checkout with my cart intact?  Nope.  Two skeins of Blue Fig were snatched away while I tried to log in to my account.  I tried again.  In an instant there was no more Blue Fig left.  That yarn was flying.  Back I went to replace it with another color.  Click, wait, sweat, repeat.

Start to finish, I swear that sale lasted no longer than fifteen minutes.  Maybe twenty, tops, and when it was over not a crumb of Sweet Georgia was left.   

I was lucky despite the frenzied yarn grabbing.  (Read the comments on Sheri’s post about the sale–it sounds like everybody was snatching yarn from everybody else, without knowing it!)  Three colors of Sweet Georgia are on their way to me.  I’m not exactly sure what they are, but it doesn’t matter.  They’re all gorgeous, and the sale was fun.  A big thank you to Sheri for her usual caring attention, and for her superhuman effort to get everybody’s orders packed and shipped lickety-split.  Pictures soon!


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