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What a Bad Movie’s Good For

No two ways about it:  The DaVinci Code is a flat-out awful movie.  I’ve heard nothing but bad things about the book and haven’t read it, but I was curious, as I often am when something strikes such a chord with the public that it becomes cemented in the cultural consciousness.  Why this story?

Curiosity led to putting it on my Netflix list, and watching it led to a great deal of hollering and arm waving as the Master Engineer and I had to stop the movie every ten minutes and rail about something.  (Really, I am still not over that nonsense with the Mona Lisa.)  This made a bad movie last far longer than it should have.

It also enabled me to finish a good seven inches of tedious stockinette stitch.

I’m struggling to get through the boring part of this purse.  Much more alluring projects are beckoning from my knitting bag, and I have to force myself to put in the time on the purse so I can get to the fun part.  A fun part is on the way, I promise.

My question still hasn’t been answered.  I cannot determine why the buying public is so taken with what surely is a dreadful book.  The story makes no sense.  Normally, a bad book with a good premise is easy to adapt into a good–even great–movie.  So if Ron Howard, Akiva Goldsman and some wonderful actors couldn’t do any better than this, something was seriously amiss with the source material–this being the sort of material, like Harry Potter or Lord of the Rings, which moviemakers have to follow faithfully so as not to offend devoted fans.  We couldn’t put that blasted DVD back in the envelope fast enough.

Sunday’s TV viewing was much more fun.  After spending two whole days working on the floor (which included four trips to two hardware stores in one day) a little silly TV was in order.  So we watched the Puppy Bowl.  Those are athletes I can get excited about.  I’m also excited about this:

Yes, that little bump on top of the inkwell is the heel of my sock, which I turned while watching the puppies tackle each other and splash in their water dishes.

Jitterbug is a dream to knit with and I bet it’s going to be nice to wear.  (In fact, I wish my socks done already because it’s -20 degrees here this morning and my feet are freezing.  Minus.  You read correctly.)  Very soft, very smooth, doesn’t split, and the colors make you say “ooooh” while you’re working with it.  Colinette can mail a crate of this right to my house.  So all you people from the Colinette company out there, just let me know when to expect the package and I’ll wait for it by the door.



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