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Bejeweled Beginning

I cast on last night with  Misti Cotton, which is 17% silk and feels luscious.  I’ve been dying for a pink scarf and the Bejeweled knitalong seemed the perfect excuse to make one.  In fact, I knit a swatch last week with some burgundy alpaca, but changed my mind.  That yarn would have made a nice scarf but I just wasn’t feeling the color.  It had to be pink.

The pattern’s easy and fun and goes quickly.  I wasn’t sure at first if I wanted to join in this knitalong, but now that I’ve taken the plunge I’m glad I did.  I haven’t knit any lace for a long time, and needed something easy to get me back in the mood–instead of the enormous, complex lace UFO that’s lurking in the depths of my knitting bag, waiting to bite me.  Besides, that project’s black.  This one’s pink.  Whee!


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