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Pre-Thanksgiving Progress Report

I should never clean my office.  I just spent fifteen minutes searching for the digital camera, certain it had been kidnapped, only to find it in an entirely sensible location–where it had never been before I got all crazy and straightened up.

Anyhow, it’s time for a pre-holiday report on what I’ve been up to.  Yes, I’ve actually been knitting.

This little wad of curled up, octopuslike stitches is the beginning of my first bear for the Mother Bear Project.  I’ll try to finish it once our Thanksgiving houseguests are gone.

This is a fingerless glove which my mother will be receiving for Christmas.  Two of them, if she’s lucky.  You can see the temporary stitches, in blue, where the thumb will soon appear.  It’s in super soft Debbie Bliss Cashmerino Aran and I’m following a nice pattern, courtesy of Knitty.

Making good use of some nice Cascade 220 leftover from a cardigan I made for the Master Engineer is this scarf I’m working on for the Knit Unto Others Knitalong.

I’ve yet to figure out where I’m sending it, but it’s going to someone who needs it.

And this ball of what appears to be very, very thick yarn is, in fact, the hat I’m making the Master Engineer for Christmas.  Yes, it’s a hat.  See how it’s attached to that smaller ball?  The big one is actually about 50 feet of i-cord wound into a ball.  The next step is to carve a block of styrofoam into a hat form the size of M.E.’s head.  Then I’m supposed to wind all this i-cord around the form and pin it in place until it resembles a hat (preferably a nice hat), and sew it together.  Something tells me that normal people are not making Christmas gifts which involve carving styrofoam in a freezing garage.  But I never did claim to be normal.

Vicki Square, with her book, Folk Hats, talked me into this one.  Oh, I hope she’s right and this actually works!  Now, if I can sneak away from our guests and get in a little knitting time, I just might get these things done on time.



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